SQL Server Inventory and Performance Baselining

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CentralDB tool is built based on Allen White, Colleen Morrow, Erin Stellato, Jonathan Kehayias, Ed Wilson and Bart Duncan’s Scripts for SQL Server Inventory and Baselining. For list of references, please visit credits page.

  • CentralDB helps you keep all the Windows and SQL Servers Inventory in a central location which gets updated daily and can be viewed using SSRS Reports.

  • Baseline stats are collected both at OS and SQL Level to help troubleshoot performance problems proactively.

  • Missing Indexes and Waitstats info is collected on a weekly basis to help tune the systems even further.

  • It collects most useful windows Server information including No. of Cores and CPU’s which will help in determining SQL Server Licensing Costs.

  • It helps us keep track of patching on SQL Servers and shows it in a report, if it’s either up-to-date or not.

  • It stores Disk info and Database growth over a period of time and helps determine space issues and also help us in capacity planning of related systems.

  • CentralDB pings all servers in Inventory and checks to see if they are up and running and would alert us if any of them are down. It also allows us to snooze these alerts or schedule a maintenance.

  • The Tool has 36 SSRS reports which show in detail about all the SQL Server Inventory and Baseline data.

  • It also shows all the servers in your environment which have AlwaysON Availability Groups and Databases, Hekaton Tables, Replication and Database Mirroring info.

  • There are summary reports which helps us know about the servers with Low disk space, SQL Servers which never had Database backups earlier, SQL Servers with Default Memory settings and so on.

The Deployment instructions can be found within the CentralDB download folder. If you have any Questions related to CentralDB, you can post it in a related Forum located on the right side of this page. You can also reach me on twitter at @CrazySQLDBA or email me at crazydba@live.com

CentralDB is one of the finalist for 2014 Tribal Awards in Best Free Powershell Script Category. It has earlier been nominated for SQL Server Pro 2013 Community Choice Awards in Best Free Tool Category.